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My mission is to build better relationships and better understanding between humans and dogs. Located on six acres in the Black Mountain area, I offer a variety of services for you and your dog.

- Laura Puffalt
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Obedience will help you obtain leadership and teach you to communicate effectively with your dog using motivation praise and correction making you the pack leader. In the seven-week class you will learn:

  • Heel + sit @ heel
  • Down + sit @ heel
  • Down + sit from front
  • Recall
  • Finish
  • Stand + figure 8

$250 for 7 weeks of group lessons and one private session

Private Dog Training Lessons

Private one on one lesson $65/hour

Advanced Obedience

Advanced obedience will help cement and refine everything learned in beginner as well as learning new exciting moves. This is a revolving eight week class that you can register for as many times as you like. We will do some of the classes at the Polite Paws facility and take some on the road, giving you opportunities to work your skill as a handler in new and stimulating circumstances. Some of the things we will cover are:

  • Heel from away
  • Tab + body tie
  • Retrieval
  • Jumps
  • Drop on recall
  • Tie back + stand free for exam

$195 for 8 weeks

Private Lessons

Private one on one lesson $65/hour

Board and Train

Board and train offers the opportunity for your dog to come stay with us at Polite Paws for an intensive and fun filled dog training experience.

All programs are customized for your dogs specific needs, and can deal with everything from basic obedience to behavioural problems.

If you're looking to board your dog or don't have time to train, board and train can be a great option. You will come home to a better trained and well behaved dog.

Board and train is also a great option for the well-trained dog who's handler is going away and needs boarding. Fido will be worked many times a day keeping him sharp and entertained. You can feel confident that your dogs needs are being met in your absence.

At the end of your dogs stay we will have a one hour orientation to familiarize you with the handling skills needed to maintain your dog's training.

$650/week Basic and $800/week Behavioural Board and Train, space is limited.

Our family adopted a rescue dog, Annie, back in September and we quickly found out she was very aggressive to other dogs. She was also resource guarding her food and her space. Laura was recommended to us by the SPCA as we wanted to see if Annie could be trained to be around other dogs and be trusted with our 4 kids. Laura is one of those people who is meant to be working with dogs. Right from the beginning with a few tips, Annie had calmed. Laura was able to explain Annie's personality and tailor a training plan to her needs. We did weekly group training sessions and then Annie went for 12 days in her 'Board and Train' program. Annie can now be around other dogs, she is on the left in the picture below. She has also learned her place in the family. Any one of our kids can go up and hug her while she is eating her food. Annie is adored and loved and it was thanks to Laura's expertise as a dog trainer.

We did the board and train with Laura to help our 5 year old work on his dog aggression and socialization. We had trainers in the past but still had difficulty controlling him. After he was with Laura for a week he learned new techniques that enabled him to walk in city park. Not only did Rudy learn but Laura spent time with us to teach us how to control him and make him a calmer and more sociable dog. Thanks again Laura!

Laura and Jack the pitbull

A Little About Me

Born and raised in Kelowna, B.C., I grew up on a farm in the beautiful Okanagan surrounded by animals. Like all young girls my initial passion was with horses. I hold a certification in Equine Massage Therapy which I still practice and can apply to our canine friends. I have bred and raised CKC registered English Springer Spaniel's and Yorkshire Terrier's, but my true passion for dog training began when I adopted a Pitbull mix rescue from LA. He had burned his way through three foster homes with his out-of-control behavior and found himself awaiting the right owner to come help him with his wayward ways i.e. me. Dealing and training this new fur friend of mine developed a fascination for the canine mind true pack leadership and balance. The true realization that our dogs are happy and relaxed when they know how to behave and what is expected of them became critically clear. An obedient dog will fully respect and always love you. I have since taken a formal education becoming a Certified Master Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, and have enjoyed working with all types of dogs and their humans. My method of training dogs consists of motivation praise and correction, while tailoring to each dog specific needs and always respecting the dignity and capabilities of handler and dog. I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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